Poundland Matte Lip Colour in Soft Rose worn by Emma Rollason

Testing Poundland Makeup | Lust or Bust?

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£1 Makeup, Hit Or Miss?

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Today I am Testing out Poundland Makeup; Is it Lust or Bust? 

Poundland have had a makeup line for some years now, but it was only this week that I actually decided to try out their products and see if they could stand up against some of my drugstore favourites and earn their way into my makeup collection. 


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Makeup Gallery Matte Me Over Long Lasting Foundation - £1

Claims: Long Lasting Foundation, Natural Matte Finish, Flawless Coverage, Lightweight Base, Vegan

First Impressions: The texture of this foundation kinda reminds me of mousse, it looks thick but bumpy, its not the smoothest foundation I have tried. 

Application: This is where this foundation really started falling apart. To begin with I just dotted the product over my face and with my usual damp blending sponge got to blending the product out, however, the product seemed to vanish before my eyes, as if the sponge was just absorbing i, which is weird because this has never happened with my usual L’Oreal True Match Foundation or Rimmel Lasting Radiance Foundation. So I switched to my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, my favourite brush for blending foundation when my sponges need a wash, again usually no issues with my usual foundations, however, after dotting a second layer of foundation over my face to get more coverage, this time the brush seemed to move the foundation around my face just leaving it streaky and patchy and just not very nice. 

Final Thoughts: Don’t bother wasting your money on this, save those pound coins and invest in a foundation that actually works and looks nice on the skin. BUST!!

Poundland - Long Lasting Matte Foundation Product Image
Poundland Long Lasting Matte Foundation Sampled on the back of the hand

Makeup Gallery Smoothly Does It Pressed Powder - £1

Claims: Super Soft Matte Powder For Shine Free Finish. 

First Impressions: It feels chalky to the touch and when swatched on to the hand appears to collect in the natural creases and lines. 

Application: For this I just used a powder brush and dusted the product over my face. 

Final Thoughts: Another product that seemed to disappear upon application, it didn’t really do much and I would probably just reach for it as a last resort. It’s nothing exciting and definitely won’t do much in setting your foundation for the duration of the day. BUST!!

Makeup Gallery Define and Contour Kit - £1

Claims: Cream Blusher with Super Soft Contour Powder

First Impressions: The cream blush feels very hard to the touch in the pan but swatches very nicely, and the contour shade does actually feel very soft in the pan and also swatches quite nicely, it doesn’t swatch crazy pigmented and it it is a warm contour shade and will probably look nicer on my skin tone as a bronzer rather than a contour shade. 

Application: I applied the cream blush with my finger and it blended out really nicely, whilst keeping its pigmentation. The contour shade I applied with a Bare Minerals Small Face Brush (its the perfect size for contouring) this isn’t crazy pigmented but is great for adding a warmth on the face without worrying about applying too much product. 

Final Thoughts: I kinda wish that this was two cream products or two powder products because the powder gives off a lot of fall out in the pan, and with the cream product sat right next to it, the cream powder will eventually get messy and mucky from the transfer of product, apart from that, I really liked this product, it sat nicely, it blended out like a dream, you may just need to reapply more frequently than any other cream products or lock in with a powder blush on top. LUST!!

Poundland Contour Kit Swatched on the back of the hand
Poundland Contour Kit worn by Emma Rollason

Makeup Gallery Glow With The Flow Cream Highlighter - £1

Claims: Super Smooth Multi-use Highlighter to add Radiance to the Brows, Cheekbones and Cupids Bow. 

First Impressions: This really is soft and creamy to touch, no where near as hard in the pan as the Contour Kit. It is a White Highlighter with Pink/Purple/Blue duo-chrome reflects. This swatches so nice, it is such a pretty Icy shade. 

Application: I applied the cream highlighter with my finger and it blended out so nice and is easily the most pigmented product in the collection so far.

Final Thoughts: If you like the glassy skin trend then you will love this product. It is such a beautiful cream highlight and to be honest I’m wondering if they have more shades! My favourite product in the collection by far!! LUST!!


Makeup Gallery Slay The Brow Brow Kit - £1

Claims: Wax holds the brows in place for natural definition and long-lasting wear. 

First Impressions: My natural hair colour falls between dark blonde and light brunette, however I prefer to fill my brows in darker and usually choose products tailored towards Brunettes, however when I compared the Blonde and Brunette palette I came to the decision that the brunette palette was too dark, because even the darker shade of the blonde palette seemed darker than my usual shade. 

Appication: I always do my brows with a powder and angled brush, in fact my everyday brow product is the shade Mugcake from the Soph X Revolution Eyeshadow Palette, and I actually swatched the two darker shades of the Poundland brow kit next to Mugcake and well, the dark shade was too dark and the lighter shade was too light and very warm toned, even though the shades and undertones were off it applied nicely and had great pigmentation. 

Final Thoughts: I think I will stick with my usual brow products, but I may pull this out occasionally for when I’m in the mood for experimenting and creating costume makeup looks. BUST!!

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Poundland Brow Kit Product Image
Poundland Brow Kit worn by Emma Rollason using medium brown shade

Makeup Gallery Glide Away Eyeshadow Stick - £1

Claims: Velvety, soft, blendable eyeshadow pencil, waterproof and long-lasting. Remove with waterproof makeup remover. 

First Impressions: This a perfect shade for creating a gorgeous deep bronze eye look. It is very buttery soft, glides on the skin effortlessly. 

Application: Such an easy product for creating an everyday eye look, just colour it onto the lids, blend and your done, if you want you could even add a slightly deeper colour in the crease for definition. As beautiful and easy as this is, if you over blend then you will probably be reapplying until you get it to where you want. First application pigment is stunning but when you try to blend it just disappears. 

Final Thoughts: Great for splash and dash application where it doesn’t need to be precise but for a striking eye look find something more long-lasting/stay-proof. MEH!

Poundland Eyeshadow Stick Product Image
Poundland Eyeshadow Stick worn by Emma Rollason

Makeup Gallery All The Shimmers Eyeshadow Shimmer - £1

Claims: Apply to Lids and Blend.

First Impressions: Ok, I thought this was going to be a liquid shadow like the Stila Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow’s,  but when I looked closely as the product in the bottle I was shocked to see it had the characteristics of a powder not a liquid. 

Application: The applicator is a roller ball, taking me right back to the 90’s/early 00’s, because this is a powder product it does produce excess product during the application process. That being said it blends out nicely and this particular shade would also look stunning as a subtle bronze highlight. 

Final Thoughts: Pretty!! I think it’s a bit gimmicky and definitely throws me right back to my childhood but if you can get past that it is a powder product and the roller applicator may shed excess product, well, I think you may enjoy it. LUST!!

Poundland Eyeshadow Shimmer Swatched on the back of the hand
Poundland Eyeshadow Shimmer worn by Emma Rollason

Makeup Gallery Turn Up The Volume & Define Mascara - £1

Claims: With Lengthening Fibres, this Mascara Creates Length, Precise Definition an d Separation. 

First Impressions: The wand is narrow and has short rubber bristles, the product doesn’t appear to cling or clump to any specific areas of the wand.

Application: Easy to apply, product coats the lashes, great for an everyday minimal makeup look. I can’t back up the claims of lengthening, my lashes don’t appear any different than usual other than they are darker, it is great for separation, the lashes don’t clump together but that’s about it, no volume, no definition, no lengthening. 

Final Thoughts: If you want mascara that will actually add volume, length, definition then I save up the pound coins and spend them on a product that can actually match those claims like the L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara. BUST!!

Poundland Mascara Product Image
Poundland Mascara worn by Emma Rollason


Makeup Gallery Pout Matters Matte Lip Colour - £1

Claims: Intense Colour with moisturising formula and matte finish. 

First Impressions: Small and easy to use doe foot applicator, when swatched on the hand, appears streaky, patchy and not as intense as would be expected and the ‘Soft Rose’ shade is more coral than rose. 

Application: Easy to apply, feels soft and comfortable to wear, doesn’t feel sticky or heavy or drying, feels more like a Lip Cream than a Liquid Lipstick, takes a while to dry down, applies more evenly on the lips than on the hand. 

Final Thoughts: For a £1 Liquid Lipstick it’s not bad, I can see myself wearing the shade Plum Crush a lot more than Soft Rose especially now we are heading into the cooler months. Yes there are better lip products out there but for £1 this one is not bad at all. LUST!!

Poundland Matte Lip Colour Product Image
Poundland Matte Lip Colour Swatched on the back of the hand
Poundland Matte Lip Colour in Soft Rose worn by Emma Rollason
Poundland Matte Lip Colour in Plum Crush worn by Emma Rollason

I hope you enjoyed reading my Poundland Makeup Review.

Let me know if you have tried Poundland Makeup and what your thoughts are, I would love to know in the comments below. 

Emma X

*Disclaimer: This site uses Affiliate Links in its posts, to read more please click hereAll products featured in this post have been purchased by the author.