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Tanya Burr’s Triple Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Cookie Overload

Lockdown life has filled my social media feeds with some of the most mouth-watering images of bakes, cakes and shakes; in fact, this is where I have been getting my baking inspiration from. This week Zoe Sugg uploaded an IGTV of herself and Alfie baking Tanya Burr’s Triple Chocolate Cookies, from Tanya’s book, Tanya Bakes, which had my bf and I running out the door for the ingredients. 

These cookies are so simple to make, and only take 11 minutes to bake, the hardest part is resisting temptation when you take them out the oven and leave them to cool for half hour. 


200g of Unsalted Butter
300g of Caster Sugar
1 Egg
275g Self-Raising Flour (or here I used 275g of Plain Flour and 4x Teaspoons of Baking Powder)
75g Cocoa Powder
Splash of Milk

300g of Chocolate of your choice, I used 200g of White and 200g of Milk Chocolate



  • Pre-Heat Oven at 200 C or Gas Mark 6
  • Prepare baking trays with baking paper, if you don’t have baking paper to hand, make sure to grease the trays with something like butter to stop the cookies getting stuck to the bottom. 
  • Combine Unsalted Butter and Caster Sugar in a mixing bowl (You can use beaters, a mixing appliance or by hand, I made mine by hand.)
  • Add Egg to Mixture
  • Beat Until Smooth
  • Add Flour and Cocoa Powder to Mixture
  • Beat into Cookie Dough Consistency, if you are doing this by hand, this is where it gets tough because of how thick the mixture is. 
  • Optional: Add a splash of milk
  • Now the fun part! Add the Chocolate Pieces to the mixture and, using your hands, make sure the chocolate pieces are evenly distributed throughout. TIP: If your hands are warm during this process, add a little flour to your hands to stop the mixture sticking to them. 
  • On lined baking tray add your cookies, make them ball shaped about the size of your palm, and make sure to space them out evenly as they will spread out while in the oven. 
  • Time to set the timer as they only need to be in the oven for 11 minutes; to unleash their gooey goodness
  • Finally, it’s time to leave them to cool down, approximately 25-30 minutes, so they are still gooey and yummy without burning your mouth.  

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