Autumnal Smokey Eye worn by Emma Rollason

How To Achieve A Smokey Eye In 3 Easy Steps

Autumnal Smokey Eye worn by Emma Rollason


The Classic  Smokey Eye has been around for years and is perfect for when you want a bit of added drama.

In fact, it is pretty much my go-to eye look for a night out, not that we can do that at the moment, but, when the bottom half of your face is covered by a mask, then what better excuse to bust out a cheeky Smokey Eye? 

I have been utilising the Smokey Eye Look for years and have managed to narrow down the process into 3 Easy Steps. 

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Choose Your Colour Palette

Before we jump into the steps you need to decide what colour palette you want to use for your Smokey Eye. 

I knew I wanted to an autumnal inspired look when I was planning this post, and originally considered using the Barry M Fall In Love Palette, however, I quickly remembered I have a dedicated post for this palette already lined up. So, I went back to my collection and found the next best thing, the Soph X Revolution Extra Spice Palette. The palette consists of 18 Matte & Shimmer shades in deep purples, reds and browns, making this the perfect option for an autumnal eye look. 

The 3 Steps

  1. Apply a light matte shade over the entire lid as a base, I used Cookie Dough (a light, cool-toned brown). Once the base is down it’s time to deepen, darken and smoke. 
  2. Using a fluffy brush apply a slightly darker shade in the outer V of the eye lid and blend through the crease, slowly and gradually building the colour. I used Cheesecake (a medium, warm-toned brown) and Chocolate Orange (a medium, warm-toned brown). 
  3. To further enhance the “smoke-effect” apply a Kohl Liner along the lash line and with a small flat brush apply a darker shadow over the top and apply your favourite mascara. I used the Bare Minerals Lasting Line in Absolute Black and the shade Brownies (a dark, cool-toned brown) over the top, followed by the L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara.
  4. OPTIONAL: You can leave it here or mirror the upper lid on the lower lash line, keeping the inner corner light and bright and darkening as you move towards the outer corner, I personally prefer applying shadow to the lower lash line as I think it just pulls the look together. I also added a bit of the shade Dreams (a gold shimmer) in the centre of the upper lid to add a bit of sparkle. 

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Smokey Eye using Soph X Revolution Extra Spice Palette worn by Emma Rollason

So, there you have it, how to achieve a Smokey Eye in 3 Easy Steps. If you take it slow and steady and gradually build up the colour then you’re pretty much go to go. Remember Blending is always your friend and if you do apply a little too much you can always use a clean brush or a lighter shade to blend it out. 

Emma X

*Disclaimer: This site uses Affiliate Links in its posts, to read more please click hereAll products featured in this post have been purchased by the author.