Revlon Rose Glow Hydrating and Illuminating Primer

The All In One Illuminator and Primer

When it comes to my skin I have always been drawn to the more radiant products that give the skin a dewy finish. There’s nothing better than the holiday glow after a day at the beach and if a product claims to be hydrating, illuminating or radiant you can bet I will be all over it.Β 


The Revlon Rose Glow Hydrating and Illuminating Primer is a beautiful rose pink shade with shimmering gold reflects; the water based formula contains encapsulated oil beads which melt between the fingertips, I would recommend taking the time to do this before applying to your face to avoid any remnants of the oil bead casing which may not have thoroughly dissolved. On the skin the product feels extremely light-weight and cooling, to avoid any separation in product layering I would recommend staying away from oil based skincare products prior to the application, otherwise this could just sit on top of the skin and create an uneven blend in any further liquid based products you may apply. The lightweight formula makes this a great product to wear alone or under makeup for that extra helping of hydration.

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