NYX Lid Lingerie Eye Tint

The On-The-Go Eye Look

NYX are a brand I have admired for many years, with so many products that are high quality and affordably priced it’s easy to see why they have become some what of a cult beauty brand. 

The Lid Lingerie is an easy to use ‘eye tint’ that is less of a ‘tint’ and more of a ‘liquid eye shadow’; available in a selection of shades. I picked up the shade Morning Sun, a gorgeous pearlescent jade. In the tube it looks like it has a green/blue duo chrome effect but on application it shows as a green/blue base colour and gold shimmer reflects, either way it’s perfect for those day’s you want to embrace your inner mermaid.

The packaging is a clear lightweight plastic making this perfect for travelling with, and the doe foot applicator makes it a great on-the-go product, just swipe, blend with your finger and away you go. The formula is lightweight, quick drying and super pigmented, hence why I compare it to more of shadow than a tint. If Morning Sky is not your thing, not to worry, they have more neutral friendly shades available too. 

Shop: NYX Lid Lingerie here and Morning Sky here