Gifted| Wake ‘n’ Shake Dynamite Alarm Clock

For The Morning's Where You Need A Little Extra Help

Morning’s can be hard when you’re not a morning person, just ask my partner, 6 snooze alarms later and he will eventually emerge from the bedroom. When I saw the call for bloggers to review the Wake ‘n’ shake dynamite alarm clock I couldn’t resist the potential opportunity to put an end to those continuous alarms. 

The feature’s of the Wake ‘n’ Shake Dynamite Alarm Clock is what drew me to try it out on/with my partner: Extra Loud alarm, Vibration Pad and Flashing LED’s how could he not get up with all this going on? 

The Setup

The clock runs off mains power however it also takes batteries for ‘back-up power’ should you experience a power outage during the night (batteries not essential for operation), the vibration pad plugs into the rear of the clock and can be placed under the pillow or on a hard surface for optimum effect. The sound and vibration effects have low and high settings, and the LED’s can be set to flash; for the initial setup I put all the alarm effects on a low setting, and had set it up over on my side of the bed and broke the news to my partner that ‘we had a new alarm clock to try’. 

The First Morning

This alarm is LOUD! I knew it was going to be louder than normal, that’s the whole point, but the other half certainly wasn’t prepared as he stirred and complained about the noise and vibration. As a one alarm person I was soon up and ready to go about my day, however my partner continued to snooze away once I had turned the alarm off. 

The Second Morning

This time I set my alarm as usual and set the Wake ‘n’ Shake for my boyfriend to see how effective it would be without me switching it off for him. Going about my daily morning routine I hear the alarm sounding from the bedroom and then the following: ALARM ‘What is that?’ *5 Minute Snooze* ALARM ‘Eurgh’ 5 Minute Snooze* ALARM Shuffles from the bedroom, Shuffles into the living room ‘How do I make it stop? Please make it stop!’ I would call that progress. 

The Verdict

My partner may not agree with me but I think this is such a great alarm if you are someone who struggles to wake up in the morning or are hard of hearing, at this moment in time I don’t feel I particularly require the assistance to wake up early however when I do have a late night I really struggle to wake up so during those times I would definitely be setting this alarm to ensure I’m up on time. It would’ve come in super handy when I used to work mornings in retail too where I did sleep through the occasional alarm and end up running out the door with not much time before my shift started, or when you have a restless night due to worrying about missing your alarm, I feel there is little to no chance of sleeping through this with all the functions setup to go off. 

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