Los Angeles has forever been at the top of my travel bucket list!! 

My number one goal would be to roadtrip America in a VW Camper Van, making memories and soaking up the relaxed pace of life. 

It’s been on my list for so long I believed I wouldn’t have gone until I was in my 30’s/40’s. It was a dream that seemed so distant.

Norwegian Jewel docked at San Diego
View from San Diego Zoo Cable Car
Man-Made Waterfall at San Diego Zoo
Sunset over San Diego Port

The Last Minute surprise

Two weeks ago out of the blue I got a message “This was supposed to be a surprise, but, I’m going to have to tell you… I’ve arranged for you to come to America” 

The message came on Tuesday and on Saturday I was making the journey from Wolverhampton, England to Ventura, Los Angeles. When I finally arrived I was exhausted, my journey had not been smooth sailing, from cancelled trains in Milton Keynes to missing the last train at Union Station. It seemed the odds were against me getting there, I was so stressed I slept roughly 45 minutes over the 26 Hours which resulted in sleeping most of Sunday, emerging only for food and to board the Megacruise. 

USS Midway

Our first stop was Sunny San Diego, and docked right next to us was the USS Midway. The USS Midway is a decommissioned US Navy Aircraft Carrier, commissioned a week after the end of World War II; she was the largest ship in the world until 1955, serving for a total of 47 years and seeing action in the Vietnam War. Today the USS Midway is a museum ship, docked in San Diego, California. 

USS Midway; US Aircraft Carrier, docked at San Diego Port
Starboard side of the USS Midway
USS Midway - Port Side at San Diego Port
Embracing Peace Statue at San Diego port

San Diego Zoo

A short 10 minute car ride from San Diego Port, located in Balboa Park is San Diego Zoo; the most visited zoo in America. A huge 100 acre’s of land, home to over 3700 animals and over 650 different species including subspecies; this Zoo is one of the Best in the world. 

We completely overestimated our ability to complete the Zoo, there are so many animals to see, I would say we roughly completed 60-70% of the Zoo. I’m a little gutted we didn’t get around the entire park, but that just means one day we will need to return and do the parts we missed, it also gives us a second chance at catching a glimpse of the Polar Bears which eluded us. 

Our animal highlights were:

The Cheetah that has its own support dog… yes, it’s the most surreal thing… I couldn’t believe it when I said “CHEETAH” and the response I got was “There’s a dog in there! A big, white, dog.in.there” and sure enough a big white dog came bounding back across the enclosure to be at the Cheetah’s side. 


The Arctic Fox


Brown Bear

Penguin stood on pebbles
Camel at San Diego Zoo
Arctic Fox Curled up Asleep
Brown Bear at San Diego Zoo