2018 In Reflection

If I had to describe 2018 in 3 words I would choose: Adventure, Friendship and Happiness.

It was a year filled with laughter and joy with the odd stressful occasion. Looking back I had a slow start to the year and I was unsure where the year would take me, 6 months in I rekindled with an old friend and from there my year turned around completely. I took on a new role in his office, I designed his website, I learnt how to design graphics for the business, I had my first experience flying in a private plane, I took my first solo flight, I took my first solo ferry, I drove my first LWB Van from Dublin to London, I went to my first Festival, met some incredible comedians/bands and inspirational people. Outside of my friends business I got to perform alongside some of my best friends including; The Snowman and The Snowdog, PJ Masks, Bitz and Bob and more. I also got the chance to go back to my very first performing job for Halloween as a Scare Actor where I met some incredibly talented and amazing people; getting to perform alongside old friends as well as new.

I’ve also learnt a lot, I learnt some basic pole dance moves and that as hard as it is and as frustrated as I get with myself, I actually really enjoy it. I learnt graphic design and web design, Instagram ‘Theme-ing’, photo editing, photo composition, the importance of hashtags and SEO and more. But I’ve also learnt what it’s like to be happy again, truly happy, the importance of friends and friendship and how that affects my happiness, the importance of being true to myself and doing the things that make me happy, taking those adventure’s, not relying on anyone else to do it for/with me. I’ve grown so much this year, in my confidence, in my happiness, in me.

A lot of my growth has come from cutting out the things that trigger my anxiety, for a while that was dating so I deleted Tinder and focused that energy on myself instead, as I pushed all those anxious and negative feelings away it left me with peace and space in my life to do things that excited and scared me at the same time. Meeting up with old friends and colleague’s helped edge away the remaining anxiety and insecurities I had, that small step helped relieve 2 years worth of anxiety I had held on to, as for dating? Maybe that will be a step to overcome in 2019. Slowly battling away my anxieties one at a time, all the while building on the strength and peace I’ve found this year. I know anxiety isn’t a ‘quick fix solution’ these are things that I’ve found have helped alleviate mine, I still get relapse’s/harder than other’s day’s, it’s a constant battle but one I’m working to improve, one I will continue working on into 2019.

With the end of the year I just want to take a moment to reflect on the everything I have to be thankful for; firstly my amazing parents for always supporting me, my friends and work colleagues who haves given me some many amazing moments in 2018, the friends and friendships that have come back into my life, the new friends and friendships I’ve made, the crazy jobs I get to call work even though I never feel like I’m doing any ‘work’. Every day has been an adventure and I can only hope 2019 brings more fun, happiness, friendship and Adventures!

Memories from 2018 including: Reading Festival, Bowling For Soup, and performing.


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      Very pretty you are

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