Giffgaff Gameplan Games Night – Birmingham

To celebrate the launch of Gameplan, giffgaff invited a handful of blogger’s to their giffgaff Gameplan Games Night in Birmingham. giffgaff are an award winning mobile network that provide’s the user with complete flexibility over their plans, meaning you can change your data package or sim package monthly to suit you and your needs whilst still being extremely affordable. With the success of giffgaff’s sim-only deals, they have expanded their sights to personal finance, to help people achieve their life goals; introducing giffgaff gameplan.

The event was held at York’s cafe- Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, a tucked away cafe just off broad street known for it’s bars and clubs. York’s cafe embraces the heritage of the Old School building in which it is situated, mixing the metals and concrete with woods and home-grown foliage, making the cafe a unique hide away spot from the busy bustling broad street.

Upon arrival to the event the hosts offered everyone a glass of prosecco (I opted for water, as I don’t drink prosecco) and everyone was invited to sit outside under the canopy’s and fairy light’s. When everyone had arrived we all went inside for a quick presentation and informal talk all about the new Gameplan that giffgaff are launching to help people take control of their finance’s and future financial goals (ie. buying a house).

After our presentation York’s Cafe brought out their incredible oven baked pizza’s, coleslaw, potato salad and chips, and what is a blogger event with food if everyone doesn’t immediately dig out the camara’s to get those all important shots for the gram?

Pizza at York Cafe at Ikon Gallery -

Now for the fun stuff, the Spend and Save board game! It was set up similar to monopoly where you each take it in turn to roll the dice and move along the board, each lap of the board you aged 5 years and you also had cards that would be either good/bad financial decisions. ‘Go’ was the all important pay day, and as you made your way around the board you had to pay out bills and also get jobs, when you saved up enough money you could pay for things like a car or a house, even a marriage and the game ended with the last person reaching retirement.

At the end we all counted up our savings and investments and the top 3 savers all won bottle’s of Rose and an amount to donate to their chosen charity, and we all left with a goodybag.

I really loved the event and everyone in my team was great, we laughed so much and had a wonderful evening, and I even managed to win 2nd place at the end of the game. I donated my winnings to Macmillan Cancer Support for all the help they provided our family when my nan passed away from lung cancer.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and we all wanted to take the game home with us as it was so much fun to play and really got you thinking about where to spend and where to save for your future.

Emma Rollason receiving her prize for second place at the giffgaff game plan games night -

Photo by : Elouisa Georgiou


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