Revamping my Bedroom

When I moved back to my parents last year all of my stuff got packed into boxes and stored either in the loft at my parents or in my Grandad’s spare bedroom. I spent the first half of the year feeling really disjointed like I wasn’t really ‘home’ not having any of my belongings around me other than essentials. I’ve since been out and bought new storage furniture; 2 sets of drawers for my clothing and beauty storage and my parents picked me up a new mattress and a new set of curtains too.

The room was starting to slowly feel like mine, but there was one feature in the bedroom I always hated… the three shelves that were positioned above my bed. They just felt big, bulky and were always cluttered, so two weeks ago I decided it was time for them to go.

After dismounting them I quickly spruced up the paint job with a fresh coat and the room instantly felt brighter and a lot more open. Now I have a huge wall that I need to fill and I love idea of creating a gallery wall of art pieces and inspirational quotes, with fairy lights dancing in and out of them.

I had already picked up two art pieces from Jemma’s Etsy shop (Dorkface) but had yet to pop them into frames and after receiving my most recent addition, this lovely *Swirly Girly Heart Design from Nicky (Digital Art By Nicky), I nipped out to the shops and picked up some matching frames to pop them all into; I chose Grey to match the curtains and thought it would compliment the colours really nicely.

With the help of Benji I laid them all out on the floor to decide how I wanted them to look, and he continued to supervise me to make sure I didn’t accidentally nail my hand to the wall or hit it with a hammer, although he did sleep on the job.

Bedroom layout; tall chest of drawers (white) 3 corner shelf unit (white) Framed art work - Bedroom Revamp Finished Look

This is the finished look so far, I obviously want to add some more artwork and I need to add some quotes in there too but I’m so chuffed that it’s starting to come together and I’m starting to get that feeling of pride and ownership towards it.

Nicky’s Shop & Socials>>Digital Art by Nicky , InstagramTwitter

Jemma’s Shop & Socials>>DorkfaceShopInstagramTwitter


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  1. July 1, 2018 / 10:41 pm

    I absolutely love Jemma’s prints. I recently bought some as gifts and I can’t wait to give them out… (I may have bought myself some stickers too but shh).

    Louisa |

    • July 2, 2018 / 12:44 pm

      I love so many of her products especially the new pins she’s just added, you’ve gotta treat yourself haven’t you haha xx

  2. July 6, 2018 / 10:10 pm

    I love reading posts like this and seeing pictures. Those prints are so lovely! I need more prints. I love redecorating and changing my room around. Glad you feel it’s more homely! Thank you for sharing! Xxx

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