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This week I have really been feeling the blogger love on my Instagram and Twitter. There are some incredible blogger’s out there, not just in the quality of the content they produce but also in how friendly and supportive they are over on their social’s. The blogging community that I have come to know and love are some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with online.

So today, I want to continue in sharing that love and introduce you to the blogger’s that I absolutely adore and my reasons why I love them.

First Up! We have Hello Bexa; Bexa was one of the first blogger’s I came across on my blogging journey, she doesn’t know this (yet) but Bexa made me feel welcomed into the community. I first came across her Twitter page through her Blog Comment Swap that she hosts every Sunday, from there I found her blog then her Instagram and the rest is history. She writes in a way that is warm and friendly, like you’ve been friends forever, her picture’s are bright, colourful and fun, her blog is full of creative idea’s that you can follow with her easy step by step guide’s, and her twitter feed is full of positive, motivational tweet’s.

Lauren (Bournemouth Girl) I adore Lauren’s style of writing, she is down to earth, fun and liberating. Reading her blog is like a breath of fresh air, covering lifestyle and beauty topics, I especially love lusting over her stationary posts. On Twitter Lauren is one of the most supportive blogger’s in the community, another warm and welcoming face to the blogging world and my journey.

Alice (Black Tulip Beauty) One of the strongest blogger’s I’ve come across this past year. Alice suffer’s with Pancolitis a form of Imflammatory Bowel Disease, and amongst her gorgeous beauty posts, Alice has been sharing her story raising awareness of a disease I had never heard of until a few months ago. Not only has she opened my eyes (and hopefully other’s) but by sharing her experience she can also hopefully help other’s who also suffer with the disease or similar. Alice create’s the most stunning image’s you have ever seen, and her new photography based Instagram is to die for, I’ve never been any good with the whole ‘theme’ thing but Alice has nailed it with some gorgeous photo’s, and yes, I’m definitely jealous!

Amy and Katie (Creative Nails UK) These girls create the cutest of nail art design’s. They inspired me to stop biting my nails so that I can get them long enough to attempt some of their design’s. I’ve been an avid nail biter for year’s, so much so that my nails get to a certain length and break, as I continue to grow them out and strengthen them I’m hoping I’ll soon be at a place where I can attempt (and probably massacre) one of their designs. Their posts are easy to follow with written step by step guide’s and detailed image’s. Plus their end designs are perfectly pin-able for easy to hand nail art inspiration.

Andi (andthenzen) First of all if you haven’t read Andi’s blog series on Tinder and dating you really should (even if you don’t use it)! Her writing is honest and filled with humour as she navigate’s her way through tinder dating, from the guys every girl will come across, what their bio’s actually mean and the holy grail bible of do’s and don’t’s of the dating app world. I’ve not agreed and laughed along to a blog post quite like I do with this series, it’s well thought out, structured and an emotional rollercoaster of nodding and laughing fit’s.

Lucy (Style Irregular) I feel like Lucy and I found our blogging family around the same time (I maybe wrong), so I see her as a bit of a blogging sister. She has the cutest style, her image’s are always gorgeous and… she share’s photo’s and video’s of her little ragdoll cat Phoebe on her Instagram and Stories. I am a huge cat person, so if you feature your cat in your blog (cause what cat doesn’t like to get involved and photobomb while you’re trying to take your photo’s?) or instagram, well, I’ll be a follower for life just waiting for the next little cat snippet I can spot…

P.S. If like me you love cat’s, Bexa also has two adorable cat’s who like the occasional photobomb!

Chloe (Being Chloe) Chloe is the sweetest person ever ! Her beauty reviews are so detailed, and her Going Self-Hosted with SiteGround post was so helpful when I decided to make the leap across from and didn’t have a clue where to start. Her Instagram (was) full of beautifully composed flatlay’s to coincide with her blog posts, however she’s recently decided to ditch the theme for a more personal approach and I personally cannot wait to see her feed grow and develop and find out what she’s been up to outside of her gorgeous beauty blog!

Daniel (Travels With Thomosaurus) Daniel share’s all the tips, tricks and advice you need to know before and during your travels and recently expanding his blog to now include recipe’s from around the world. As someone who dreams of travelling and discovering the world (I will get there one day) I currently live those dreams through Daniel’s blog and beautiful Instagram travel location feed. He also has a Youtube channel with some advice video’s on being a youtube beginner (which I am) including a basic setup and even video editing, for those like me who haven’t got a clue.

Jemma (Dorkface) One of the very first blogger’s I ever came across back in 2014 (before this blog was born!). I’ve seen Jemma grow into this bright colourful human that is now growing her own tiny human inside of her. She’s released limited stock merch, has an incredible Etsy shop and her new Instagram theme is just everything right now. Her hashtags have amassed thousands of entry’s and I love browsing through Shiny Happy Blogger’s to find new accounts to follow.


I’m going to leave it there for today, but I will be following up with some more incredible blogger’s soon; as I have a mighty long list of people I adore and feel deserve some love.

Hope you enjoyed finding out about some of the blogger’s that I love, I would love to know who your’s and why? Maybe even find some new blogger’s that I haven’t yet come across to add onto this list.

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  1. June 22, 2018 / 8:12 pm

    Oh my goodness ? firstly love this whole post as a concept such a positive and supportive post! Thank you for the lovely things you have said about me, I am blushing! I am glad I was welcoming and I love meeting new people online, so glad I met you! I love your blog so much! So professional and love your photographs! Xxx

  2. June 22, 2018 / 8:17 pm

    Aaaaah Emma. I’m honestly going through such a hard time at the moment but reading this has really put such a damn huge smile on my face. It’s really made my week and motivated me to keep going with what I’m currently doing if you enjoy it so much! Thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart ❤️ and I am also currently a huge fan of Andi, Bexa and the girls behind Creative Nails, such lovely ladies! Can’t wait to check all the rest out too!
    Alice Xx

  3. June 22, 2018 / 8:50 pm

    Emma, this is so incredibly lovely ?. Thank you so much for all the blog love and kind supportive words. I’m so glad we are friends and we found each other on Twitter ?. You have really made me smile and wow, what a fantastic list of bloggers to be included with! Keep up the great work girlie, can’t wait to watch your YouTube vids too! ?? xx

    Bexa |

  4. Creative Nails
    June 22, 2018 / 10:44 pm

    This is such a lovely idea behind this post – love it! Thank you so much for including us in your list, I can’t believe we are included in this list with these other amazing bloggers like Bexa and Alice! Reading this really made me smiling – I’m so happy that we inspired you too, I can’t wait to see your lovely pretty nails and what you get up to 😀 you will have to show us pictures!! I’m 100% sure you won’t massacre any of our designs though, don’t worry ? I hope you also know that reading your posts and seeing all the different make-up looks you do and the make up you try out really inspire me to try and be more creative with my make-up! Love your blog 😀


  5. June 25, 2018 / 11:21 pm

    I love posts like these that share the love! I’m surprised to see a fair few that I haven’t seen before alongside a few of my favourites. I’m off to look at the unfamiliar faces now x


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