Soph X Revolution Extra Spice Palette and Lipsticks

Sophdoesnails is a british youtuber who teamed up with Revolution (Formerly Makeup Revolution) and brought us the incredibly popular Soph X Revolution eye shadow and highlighter palette’s last September. On Tuesday 5th June, Soph announced she had been working behind the scene’s with Revolution on a 2nd collaboration collection, this time bringing us ‘the older sister’ to the original eye shadow palette; Extra Spice is full of warmer tone’s and specifically designed with her audience in mind. With an already successful highlighter palette with every shade you could ever want and need, Soph has this time released 3 satin nude lipsticks; Syrup, Cake, and Fudge, alongside the Extra Spice eye shadow palette.

All of Soph’s products have the same distinct matte nude and mirror effect rose gold packaging, the original collection was all nude with the Rose Gold Soph X across the front, for Extra Spice Soph has switched it up with a Rose Gold Lid and Soph X written in nude. The lipsticks have the rose gold lid, nude base and a window in the bottom with the shade name’s on.

Soph X Revolution Extra Spice Palette Arm Swatches, Top Row, shades: Everyday (Champagne Shimmer) Running Late (Orange Matte) Infinity (Silver Shimmer) Cheesecake (Brown Matte) Cookie Dough (light brown matte) Dreams (Copper Shimmer) -

Top Row: (Top-Bottom) Dream, Cookie Dough, Cheesecake, Infinity, Running Late, Everyday

Soph X Revolution Extra Spice Eye Shadow Palette Middle Row Arm Swatches, Shades; Vitamin C (Yellow Matte) Sweet N Sour (Orange Matte) Twenty One (Pink Matte) Romance (Red Shimmer) Enchanted (Purple Matte) Lakes (Brown Matte) -

Middle Row; (Top-Bottom) Lakes, Enchanted, Romance, Twenty One, Sweet N Sour, Vitamin C

Soph X Revolution Extra Spice Eye Shadow Palette, Middle Row Arm Swatches; Brownies (Brown Matte) Chocolate Orange (Brown Matte) Mulled Wine (Purple Matte) LA Sun (Gold Shimmer) Aurora (Green Shimmer) Reputation (Black Matte) -

Bottom Row; (Top-Bottom) Reputation, Aurora, LA Sun, Mulled Wine, Chocolate Orange, Brownies

I already love Soph’s original eye shadow palette, so Extra Spice was the product I was most excited for from this collection! Inside are 18 matte and shimmer shades, some bright, some nudes, and some dark. The first thing I noticed is that there are 6 shade’s less than the original palette, however in the last palette the protector had all the shade name’s on it, something that was a little bit of a faff, with Extra Spice, Soph has added the shade name’s underneath all of the shadows, so although we are down 6 shade’s compared to the original palette it takes away the worry of losing the protector sheet, which is a substitute I can definitely cope with.

I feel like this palette was made with the original palette in mind, acting more of a complimentary expansion palette. With so many nude shade’s in the original palette, this one is much more on the colourful side, meaning there are only a handful of transition shade’s to work with if you were to use this palette solely (not that it can’t be done of course).

The shadows have a lot of pigment to them with a good colour payoff, they are soft to the touch if not a little on the chalky side leaving behind a little kickback in the pans, especially the matte’s, fortunately I’ve not noticed any drop down when applying to the eye’s. I love the variety of colour’s in the palette, you can definitely create a multitude of looks from a bright statement eye to a dark smokey eye, and even incorporate complimentary shade’s from the original palette.

Soph X Revolution Lipsticks in shades Cake (Pink Nude) and Fudge (Dark Brown Nude)Extra Spice Palette in the background -

Top-Bottom; Fudge, Cake

Soph X Revolution Lipstick Arm Swatches, shades; Cake (Pink Nude) Fudge (Dark Brown Nude) -

Top-Bottom; Cake, Fudge

The Soph X Revolution lipsticks are available in 3 shades: Syrup (Light/Medium Brown Nude) Cake (Pink Nude) Fudge (Dark Brown Nude), I decided to skip on Syrup as I prefer my lighter nude’s pink toned and darker nudes brown toned. For me Cake is the perfect my lips but better shade, and Fudge is a beautiful nude for when you want to ‘vamp’ up your look without digging out your autumnal berry shade’s.

All 3 lipsticks super creamy, glide on effortlessly without any dragging, and are highly pigmented. They are an on-trend satin finish formulation, perfect for all skin types, leaving lips with a slight shine that doesn’t dry out the lips and are comfortable to wear. The bullet is easy to use and apply without needing a lip liner, they aren’t transfer-proof, so you will definitely be seeing residue on your mugs and glasses, but nothing a quick powder room top-up can’t fix.

I love the entire 2.0 collection, I’ll definitely be getting a lot of use out of the lipsticks, I’ve already been wearing them everyday since my order arrived, and I’ve played with some of the shades from the Extra Spice Palette too. One of my favourite things about this whole collection is the fact that Soph has named so many of the shade’s after food, which I am living for, cheesecake…cookie dough…fudge… it’s hard not to feel hungry after doing your makeup with these products.

Have you purchased Soph’s new products? Which product(s) did you pick up? What’s your favourite product from the collection? Mine is definitely Fudge! Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. June 10, 2018 / 4:40 pm

    The lipsticks look so good. Perfect for my dry lips.

  2. June 10, 2018 / 6:27 pm

    This is such a great review! If I hadn’t already purchased them you’d definitely have convinced me! You need to give me tips on how to get good swatches, yours are 100000x better than mine!

    Jess //

  3. June 10, 2018 / 8:43 pm

    These shades are amazing! I can already imagine creating a fab warm toned look with these!

  4. Hida
    June 10, 2018 / 9:19 pm

    I love how bright these shades are, perfect for summer! xx

  5. June 10, 2018 / 10:37 pm

    I have such huge lips and I’ve struggled to get a lipstick that’s not too pink or red for work, love the muted colours here – thanks for sharing Emma!

  6. June 11, 2018 / 9:48 am

    Such a great review! I absolutely love the lipsticks! Will be looking into getting some ?

  7. June 11, 2018 / 5:05 pm

    These are such great colors, also love the texture of it. This palette is love <3

  8. June 11, 2018 / 5:11 pm

    I’m not a huge fan of warm shadows so I’m finding the palette a little intimidating. I’m glad they switched to include the name on the palette rather than the protector. I really like the look of Cake! x


  9. June 11, 2018 / 5:15 pm

    I haven’t ever used any of Sophie’s products but always heard such amazing things. The colours in that palette are INSANE. I love the shimmery ones, I almost always use shimmery shades! Amazing photos too 🙂 xxx

  10. June 11, 2018 / 5:15 pm

    This is a brilliant review Emma, so detailed and your photography is absolutely stunning. The shades in the palette look so bright and vibrant, the middle row is my fave, the colours are beautiful! ? Thanks for sharing your review lovely ? xx

    Bexa |

  11. June 11, 2018 / 5:22 pm

    This is a fantastic review Emma! I really want to try some of her products as well so will definitely be keeping an eye out for them when I’m in the shops!
    Love, Cally x

  12. Creative Nails
    June 11, 2018 / 5:25 pm

    Great review! I love the eyeshadow palette – it’s got such gorgeous shades in it, will definitely have to treat myself to that one! The lipsticks are gorgeous colours too, I would love to get into wearing lipsticks in general but I never seem to be able to!


  13. June 11, 2018 / 5:29 pm

    This is a fab review! I’m not a huge make up wearer but I do like to wear it occasionally..

  14. June 11, 2018 / 5:37 pm

    The palette looks fantastic! It is so bright and the colors are so sharp! Loving it! How creative can you get with those shades?!

  15. June 11, 2018 / 7:10 pm

    The colors in the palette are so perfect for Summer! I love the oranges!

  16. June 11, 2018 / 7:33 pm

    Wow! Some of these colors are super pretty and eye catching! They look really nice and pigmented too which I always love!

  17. June 12, 2018 / 12:24 am

    I love Makeup Revolution palettes! They’re such lovely quality for such a good price! I haven’t yet tried anything from Soph’s collection but I’m definitely tempted now!

  18. June 12, 2018 / 10:46 pm

    As much as I love Revolution palettes this one doesn’t call to me like the first SophDoesNails palette did. I do like some of the shades though. They’re very pretty. I also love her personalised design on the lipsticks.

    Louisa |

  19. June 13, 2018 / 1:38 pm

    I didn’t purchase either of the original collab palettes but I was drawn to this one as soon as I saw it! I got mine yesterday and I’m so super excited to start playing around and review it for myself, it looks so gorgeous! I love the look of the lipstick shade “Cake” too, that’d definitely be the one I’d purchase if I do in future!
    Alice Xx

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