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Firstly I’d to thank Kate from The Tustin Girl for nominating me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. Kate only started blogging recently sharing help and advice after years of anxiety and panic attacks.

The Four Rules:

  • Thank Blogger(s) Who Nominated You For The Blog Post And Link Back
  • Answer The 11 Questions The Blogger Asked You
  • Nominate 11 New Blogs To Receive The Award And Write Them 11 Questions
  • List The Rules And Display The Sunshine Blogger Award Logo In Your Post and/or Blog

The Sunshine Blogger Award | Emma Rollason

  1. Why Did You Start Your Blog? I Started my Blog after years of admiring other bloggers like Zoella, InTheFrow and FleurDeForce.
  2. What Is Your Favourite Way To Unwind/Relax? I love to sit with a colouring book and listen to Relax Melodies.
  3. What Would Your Ideal Job Be? I’ve not yet figured out my one dream job, I have so many things I would love to do including Acting, Singing and Blogging.
  4. What Is Your Favourite Film And Why? I love the Star Wars Franchise, its always been a film that brings all the family together.
  5. Which Option Would You Pick Between Having A Good, Stable Job With A Good Pay Or Doing Something You Love For Very Little Money? Doing something you love for very little money, doing something you love is much more fulfilling than doing a job you’re not enjoying just for the stability. 
  6. Where Would You Most Love To Live And Why? Anywhere by the sea! I’d love to live in Plymouth (which I fell in love with when I stayed their last year) or Brighton, or Cornwall, they’re all beautiful places.
  7. What Is Your Biggest Fear? My biggest fear is Spiders!! I’ve had numerous panic attacks because of Spiders.
  8. What Has Been Your Biggest Struggle, To Date, With Your Blog? My biggest struggle has been photography, it’s only been recently that I’ve really started to understand the photography aspect of blogging. 
  9. Which Quality Do You Admire Most In People And Why? I admire Honesty in people, sometimes it’s easier to hide behind lies whether we’re telling them to ourselves or to others, but being honest will always show a strength in character. 
  10. Which Famous Person (Alive Or Dead) Would You Most Like To Be And Why? Shakespeare, he inspired so many writers, actors and directors. 
  11. What Is Your Goal For 2018? My Goal is to be authentic to myself, do things that I’ve always wanted to do, do something everyday that makes me happy and live each day as the best person I can be. 

My Questions:

  1. Are You A Spontaneous Blogger Or Do You Plan Ahead And Schedule?
  2. What Hobby Would You Get Into If Time And Money Wasn’t An Issue?
  3. Where Is Your Dream Destination to Visit?
  4. Are You A Night Owl Or An Early Bird?
  5. What Is Your Proudest Moment/Achievement To Date?
  6. Who Inspires You and why?
  7. What Is At The Top Of Your Bucket List?
  8. What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?
  9. What Show Are You Currently Watching On Netflix?
  10. Whats The Best Piece Of Advice You Have Ever Received?
  11. If Your Life Was A Book What Would The Title Be?

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  1. thetustingirl
    February 12, 2018 / 7:43 am

    Love your answers. I hope you find something which helps with photography. All the best ❤️

  2. February 14, 2018 / 4:48 pm

    Well done on the nomination. I like reading these posts, learning more about the blogger. I love living by the sea in Bournemouth. It’s beautiful x

    • February 14, 2018 / 4:54 pm

      Thank you lovely ❤ I agree they’re some of my favourite posts to read. I wish I lived closer to the sea, I’d be there all the time x

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