Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Varnishes

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Varnishes

Whilst on tour last year I came across the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Varnishes; a collection of gel varnishes without the need of a light.


(L-R: Bronze Age, Bordeaux Glow, Wine Stock, V-Amplified)

A 2 step part for an at home gel manicure; step 1 the colour, step 2 the top coat. Over the past 3 months my Miracle Gel collection has grown from just 2 colours and a top coat to now owning 10 of the polishes from their growing collection.

I’ve tried other gel polishes but none have taken my heart the way that the Sally Hansen Collection has. Not only is it a super easy application but the polishes last a week (that may not seem that long, but I have dry brittle nails and my job is very hands on and manual handling based so my polishes chip very easily and very quickly after application).


(L-R: Leaf Me Be, Swim Upstream, Boho-A-Go-Go, Tidal Wave)

My favourite shade at the moment is Tidal Wave a beautiful bright blue shade which is one of my most recent purchases, but I have loved alternating between the 3 red shades over the Christmas period; wine stock, V-Amplified and Bordeaux Glow.

I’m a massive nail biter and I find that by painting my nails I don’t bite them, allowing them to grow and strengthen. So I love that the Sally Hansen collection has some beautiful shades to choose from and a diverse selection of colours so you can mix and match to your hearts desire.




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