The Happiness Planner #LoveIsLove

The Happiness Planner is a great way of setting a goal to work towards and at the end reflect on how far you’ve come. Last year I used the 2017 Planner and to be able to flick through the days and months to reflect on good memories, new exciting challenges and to see how far you’ve come is something I never thought I would appreciate. The calendars at the start of each month were a great way of planning ahead and seeing your month fill up with new challenges and exciting plans were a great drive towards making the most out of each day.


This year I opted for the 100 day planner #LoveIsLove for a more weekly break down and focus. I still purchased the 2018 refills for my planner because I really enjoyed being able to reflect on the year.

The difference between the two planners is that the year planner you reflect on your month and plan ahead for the following month, the 100 day planner has weekly reflections and weekly forward planning; which I personally think I prefer as it helps the breakdown of the month and keeps the motivation and purpose of the month fresh in your mind and helps you tweak your goals if needed.

The 100 Day #LoveIsLove planner is a beautiful rainbow hardback planner with a rainbow hardback sleeve to keep the planner protected. Inside the planner you’re introduced to your happiness journey through a series of self reflection questions which help to see where you wish to improve in your life and how you can achieve your dreams by creating small goals that will lead you on the right path towards your end goal.


At the end of each week there is a weekly reflection page which makes you consider how you have felt this week including happiness, productivity and stress levels; how you would describe your week in 3 words; the highs of the week (good/happy/proud moments); and the lows of the week (frustrations/challenges/struggles); what you have learned during the week; who & what you are grateful for; and what you would like to improve/what you hope for.

At the beginning of each week you plan ahead for that week, think about the hours/shifts you’re working, when you’ve booked in for a fitness class, when you are meeting a friend and give each day something exciting to look forward to. There’s also a notes section for any other things you want to remember like reminders to book hair appointments etc.

At the end of the 100 Days there’s a chance to reflect and review the past 100 days and to see how far you have come from day 1. By reflecting you can see what your most common state of mind was, what the happiest moments were, how you dealt with any negative events, and the little things in each day that you’ve enjoyed and mostly it allows you to appreciate each day and be grateful for how far you have come.


The year planner has the same reflection and planning but works on a monthly basis rather than weekly. I personally quite like that the 100 day planner works on a weekly basis I’ve found its given me the chance to reflect each week individually rather than as a whole and to adjust any goals I’ve given myself that I may need to give more work too, or have excelled at more than I thought I would.

I personally have loved using both planners and I think they are a great way of planning and organising each day and each month/week. When I first started using the year planner at the start of 2017 I was in a pretty bad place with my mental health, I end the year still working on myself and towards finding my happiness but a lot stronger than how I started. It’s not all down to the happiness planner, but it has helped me to see my negative patterns, for me to see the good in each day even when I was having a bad day and it didn’t feel like there was any good. To be able to see how far I’ve come in just one year has given me the motivation to keep on this journey I am on and take on new challenges that I never would of done when my self esteem was at rock bottom. I’m looking forward to each day, to each new week and not waking up in the mornings with no purpose and no passion to leave my bed.

Its a great way of tracking your journey and your progress.

Have you tried the happiness planner?

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  1. January 15, 2018 / 9:10 pm

    I love planners too! But practicing gratitude and happiness with a planner couldn’t be more amazing! I also love doing charity work, helps me feel gratitude for my life and for others!
    xx Leah

    • January 15, 2018 / 9:14 pm

      I love them! They make you find the good in each day no matter what I love the reflection side of it ❤ what kind of charity work do you do? Charity work and volunteering are definitely an enlightening way to live your life and the most rewarding too. Emma x

  2. January 26, 2018 / 4:30 pm

    I enjoy using planner on a daily basis as well! It always keeps me organized and motivated when I know what or when I need to finish before the day ends. Besides, I totally agree with you that making small progresses every day is totally something worth appreciating in retrospect; I never found it so memorable until I kept track of those progresses and it was quite rewarding. ^^ Anyway, great post, Emma!

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